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About ColigoCare

Mission: ColigoCare is a physician-led organization whose mission is to foster the highest quality, value-based compassionate care to individual patients and their community.
Vision: ColigoCare will be the premier innovative physician network for patients, physicians and payers in the region.
ColigoCare is a clinically integrated network (CIN) built in partnership with Valley Health System. This physician-led organization will provide high-quality, patient-centric care by creating a common set of clinically meaningful initiatives and coordinating clinical services across the full continuum. It brings together independent and employed physicians, the health system and other community partners in a collaborative way by sharing data, technology and performance benchmarks to increase engagement and drive value for patients.

Recognizing that escalating healthcare costs is much more than just a hospital or practice issue, ColigoCare creates a vehicle for physicians to work collaboratively across the continuum of care to improve access to quality healthcare, reduce costs and provide opportunities to share in the generated savings. It is a foundation to begin to transform the way that care is delivered to our community.

CINs foster interdependence and cooperation between physicians and hospitals, removing barriers to the coordination of patient care and increasing the efficiency of care delivery. A key component of ColigoCare is the creation of a network of like-minded physicians who will help facilitate and lead the transition from volume-based care to value-based, population health management. With this as the primary objective, ColigoCare has been formed in such a way that it will be physician-driven and physician-led with representation from primary care, medical, surgical and hospital-based specialties with both employed and independent physicians working together on a collaborative basis to develop a quality-focused delivery model.

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