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Next Steps

Physicians participating in ColigoCare should:
  • Have a proven track record of delivering high quality care;
  • Share a commitment to enhancing the patient experience, improving quality and reducing costs of care;
  • Be willing to become an active participant in the CIN’s initiatives and to promote and adhere to the CIN’s care models and continuous quality improvement strategies;
  • Develop and share best practices in collaboration with peer providers;
  • Be able to meet the CIN’s credentialing requirements;
  • Utilize a certified electronic health record (EHR), within the CIN’s established timeframe;
  • Be willing to electronically share clinical and demographic data with the CIN;
  • Be willing to participate in CIN payer contracting to the extent reasonably required by the CIN; and
  • CLICK HERE to request more information.
If you are interested in taking the next step, please CLICK HERE to request more information.

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