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ColigoCare Checkup

Issue No. 1   |   August 2017


Health IT Pulse

Clyde Wesp, M.D., MAOM, Chief Health Information Officer, Valley Health System, is an accomplished physician and healthcare administrator with over 20 years of experience as a practicing pediatrician and partner in Southern Orange County Pediatric Associates. He also served 18 years in director and chief-level positions within large healthcare organizations in California, including Jacobus Consulting, the University of Southern California, Zynx Health, St. Joseph Health and Memorial Care.


Dr. Wesp leads Valley’s system-wide health information analytics initiative to ensure timely, accurate and validated clinical information and reporting, as well as overseeing the optimization of electronic health records systems and other clinical applications. He is a part of the Population Health team, focusing on the implementation of care management software, data analytics and predictive modeling.

Uniphy App

Great news! Secure, open communication will soon be available to ColigoCare providers via Uniphy, our branded communication tool. Uniphy will enable you to send secure text messages and other correspondence directly to your ColigoCare colleagues. It will also provide you with streamlined access to important ColigoCare information such as phone numbers, events and newsletters.


We are working with the app company to design our customized ColigoCare app, and we anticipate that it will be available in early fall. Once the app is finalized, it will be accessible through your smart phone or tablet device.

Athena Population Health Solution

ColigoCare is using the Athena Population Health Solution for collecting and analyzing financial and clinical data. At this time, we have compiled our CMS data and are working closely with Athena to import our commercial payer information.


In addition, the build-out of interfaces for non-Athena practices is in progress and, as such, the data is starting to be collected.


Population Health Welcomes Informaticist

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Doris Ann Battista, who has recently joined Valley Health System as our Population Health Informaticist. Doris Ann comes to Valley from the insurance industry. She has a strong project management and information technology background, as well as strong business analytics skills. She is working very closely with Athena and ColigoCare to validate information and create reports.


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